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Hello There! My name is Marty, and welcome to my Art/Music/Creative website. Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s jump right in…

What is the point of art? Why do we create? Why do men have nipples? All questions that I cannot definitively answer (nor should i!).

I can, however, tell you why I create “art”: because I want to look at something cool, that is one of a kind, and that was free.

If you asked me, I’d say that my work is “REuse Art” —works of art made out of unusable, discarded, and trashed items, either partially, or ideally, entirely— and that I consider myself a “REuse artist” (I know, it’s a stretch).

Gradually and naturally was my transition into “reuse art” (from producing “standard art”) over the course of my first 25 odd years or so on this rock. A result of my creative side running head first into my (also gradually and naturally progressing…) zero waste and sustainable life philosophies; 2+ years using a single bag of trash is my average (a single mason jar is not realistic, and highly suspect).

It just made sense to me to make art out of my (and other peoples) trash. It was colorful, endless, and challenging to do so!

There is also a second reason I make art out of trash: it’s an attempt to open my fellow humans eyes to have them change their minds about the obscene amounts of trash we produce, where it all comes from, where it all goes, the grotesque amount of damage is causes, and how to change ones life to reduce consumption and waste.

This, through a flat piece of glued together trash hanging off a wall.

What a narcissistic, pompous, arrogant, pretentious, totally ignorant thing to think!!

Don’t get me wrong, art can and has changed peoples minds, and the world. But not my art, not in the way i want, and not by me.

Thus, after thinking (for years) about this, and; that I’ve run out of room for more pieces; that my art will just get tossed into the trash once I’m dead; and that due to my rapidly progressing, incurable, and advanced stage Glaucoma, I’ll be loosing my vision soon enough… I’ve (99%) decided to stop producing art after I complete my current piece (which, by the way, I’ve been working on since 2019!).

There just ins’t any reason that I can justify to continue to create art. Just think of all of the people who in some way consider themselves “artists” and produce physical pieces: where does all of that art go?!? Eventually, and sadly, into a landfill. Only a very, very, VERY, small percentage of created works live on in some meaningful way once an artist is dead.

And I simply don’t want to create more needless trash. Even if it’s out of trash itself.

SO…please enjoy the work that I’ve created. Every piece has been an experiment, a challenge, a new idea, and most of all, very time consuming.

Thanks again for stopping by, and for viewing, listening, and reading what I’ve written.

- Marty
Rethink. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Recycle.

PS: I also make music. Some of it’s posted on this site as well.

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