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Into The Light

‘Into The Light’ is a portrait of artist Zaria Forman. It’s 48 x 70.25in, and is made -minus adhesives, screws, staples, and wood trim- entirely of discarded and reclaimed items.


At the core, the frame is custom built from 100% reclaimed/reused wood. Then the surface is a piece of discarded, plastic banner material, that has been professionally stretched and wrapped around the frame. Finally, the art itself is made entirely from Zaria’s used and pastel stained latex gloves. Which she uses while creating her own art [large-scale hyper-realistic pastel landscape drawings that document human fueled climate change] to protect her hands from the cancer causing agents in the pastels.


‘Into The Light’ is a portrait of Zaria, which has been done with her own gloves, and ultimately was inspired by her work, filtered through my mind.


This piece took over 500 hours to complete, and is comprised of around 110 used and discarded latex gloves.


Used & Discarded:  reclaimed wooden frame, plastic banner surface, latex glove medium

Virgin:  silicone, nitrile gloves, masking tape, paper, wooden trim, staples, screws, gesso

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