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Originals are for sale. Please contact with any inquires!

The art you are viewing has been created utilizing discarded, trashed, and unrecyclable items. However, through each process, some pieces end up using virgin material. These material uses occur mainly in the framing, stretching, and painting/prepping (acrylics) process. Full details of each work can be found in the accompanying description of each series and/or piece.


From a single bottle cap to massive plastic banners, each and every item in my work has a story to tell: where they came from, how they were made, how they were used, how they ended up here, and where they are going. Some stories reach back decades, while others, mere months. All of these stories come together as a warning that over-consumption, grotesque wastefulness, and sheer lack of personal responsibility for our own usage, is rampant throughout the world – especially in America – and requires our direct attention.


While everything in this world has a lifespan, my work has been created with the direct intention of each piece lasting longer than myself, and perhaps one day being reimagined as something else, by someone else. This is achieved by utilizing the best practices I've discovered for each situation. Practices that prolong preservation and sustain beauty, in the materials that I work with.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work, as much as I enjoyed making it!


Rethink. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Recycle.

B&W Drum Heads
Bottle Caps
Drum Heads
Into The Light
Mail Art
Panel Series
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