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The Sound Catcher

The Sound Catcher is piece number two, of the six piece SOUND series. It  consists strictly of approximately 35 discarded Children’s Theater Festival brochures that were procured from the venue where it initially hung, which were sliced apart in order to utilize the existing color palette of the brochure. Clear acrylic medium was used to adhere the brochure pieces to a professionally stretched and gallery wrapped used piece of plastic banner material (just like canvas) over a custom built wooden frame.

A tambourine appears to loom large in an open grass field directly in front of you, as the edge of a forest appears far off in the distance. The angle to which this is aimed to be viewed at is from slightly below, as if your face or eye was right next to the tambourine as you lay in the grass, and as the sun comes in from the left and proceeds to wash off of the instrument.

The original (and alternate) depiction; this tambourine is right in front of you, but the size is colossal. Less of a musical instrument, and more so of a Ferris Wheel, pulling from the materials used to create a fun and happy piece of fantasy.

The Sound Catcher’s purpose is to collect any and all sounds that fly through it’s center way up high, absorbing them, and passing them back down to you on the ground to experience.



Used and Discarded: Children’s Theater Festival Brochures, Plastic Banner

Virgin: Wood glue, Acrylic Medium, Wood, Wood trim, Screws, Staples

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