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The Last Man At Lake Erie
The Last Man At Lake Erie

The top head is left clear with black acrylic paint, and the bottom head is coated in bright white gesso. Both are on unwanted 25″ in diameter heads. Completion Year: 2014 Original Available Prints available, click on link below

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The Last Man At Lake Erie

I've been taking photographs for as long as I can recall. This piece pulls me back to high school, when all I had was my parents point-and-shoot.

On a trip to Erie to visit relatives, I spotted a man on the beach. Who was he? What was the flag for? Was anyone else with him?

These questions I only asked to myself.

As we were leaving, I looked around and noticed that the man was the only one left on the beach... so I snapped this shot.

He was the last man at Lake Erie that day.


Discarded:  2 Drum Heads

Virgin:  Black Acrylic Paint, White Gesso, Construction Adhesive, Signed with a sharpie on the back

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