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The Keys Of Color
The Keys Of Color

60″x25.5″ mosaic bottle cap work, created from approx 2,000 used, flattened, overlapping bottle caps, on used aluminum printing plates, over a custom wooden frame. Completion Year: 2016 Original Available Prints available soon

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The Keys Of Color

Piece #4 in the SOUND series contains approximately 2,000 hand flattened used bottle caps, adhered to two used aluminum printing plates, which are screwed into place over a custom wooden frame. The caps were hand flattened with a hammer and a piece of scrap wood. All of the caps in this piece were saved from the trash, and donated, by the original venue to which this piece was exhibited. From start to finish, this piece took around 8 weeks to complete.


The piece is an extreme angle of piano keys, to which have been abstracted by an array of colored caps. As a result of the colors abstracting effect, the image is interpreted as many other things other than piano keys. What do you see?



Used: Bottle caps, aluminum printing plates

Virgin: Screws, adhesive, sharpie

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