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What do you see? Something is there…take a closer look.


Piece #3 in the SOUND series is called ‘Silence’ for a reason. Used clear plastic cups are set upon a white surface (used, stretched and gallery wrapped plastic banner material) using clear construction adhesive. The image portrayed here is a silhouette of a person screaming.  


More often than not cries for help, warnings, screams of injustice and the like fall on deaf ears...and eyes. With this piece I’m exploring subjects that get lost, ignored, misrepresented, and repressed, to the point where the only positive release is by screaming into the void.


With Silence, I aim to capture just that…but in two dimensional form. With clear over top of white, it’s difficult to make out what is going on, resulting in a skewed sense of ‘what is’.


However, with the right light and angle, this subject is easily seen (and heard!). By taking a deeper look at a single subject, perhaps from a different angle, and perhaps with a different light, a different perspective is gained and the sounds are no longer lost to the void.



Used: Used plastic banner material, used clear plastic cups

Virgin: Wood frame, staples, wood glue, clear construction adhesive

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