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ATTENTION! (8.10.17)
Due to unforeseen events, 'Project Z: The Game' (below) has been eliminated. But don't fret!! You can still win an archival canvas print of the same size, of the same piece, by following the progress of this piece on my instagram account! Follow along, and use the Hashtag #ZariaIntothelight, and a random winner will be selected when the piece is completed!
That's it!
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions via my contact page above.
- Marty

What is "Project Z", you ask?

It's my current piece of art, and it's been in production since September 2017...great things take time! In addition, since this is my most ambitious piece to date, I'm giving away a half size single edition print on archival canvas to the first person who correctly answers my 4 questions below! (Clues and submission form below)

That's a 24" x 26" archival gallery wrapped print on stretched canvas, signed and number 1 of 1, ready to hang or frame!

To win the print, all you have to do is be the FIRST to answer these 4 questions correctly, before the piece is revealed publicly. Check out my social media platform for updates: Facebook and Instagram)

The Questions:

- What, or who, is the subject of the piece?
- What is the medium/material used to create the piece?
- What is the surface/substrate of the piece?
- What is the final size of the piece?

As this piece is completed, photographs, hints, and puzzles will be posted on my website (BELOW!) and social media platforms beginning in February 2017. From all of these, all four questions can be answered by piecing the clues together!

How to enter (it's free!):
You must fill out the below form with your answers, and contact info. And the first person who answers all 4 questions correctly, wins! (Only one print will be given away to the first person  who guesses correctly) The winner will be announced publicly via my social media platforms when the full piece is revealed. Enter as many times as you'd like!

No outside person, companies, or organizations have anything to do with this contest. If you know me, and I've told you about this piece, you are automatically disqualified from entering. Sorry!! Only submissions/entries via my website will count. No guesses, questions, or the like will be accepted on social media This game is open to anyone in the world. The piece will be shipped to the winner, no matter their location. I can't ship to space! (Only 1 half-sized print will be given away to the winner. The winner will be the first person to correctly answer all 4 questions)

If you have any further questions on this, don't hesitate to drop me a line via my website!

*If you do win, and find out you'd rather have a print of something else I have done, no sweat! The winner can substitute with any print I already offer, with a max size of 24 x 26, and within the rules above.

Project Z: WIN FREE ART! 
*Win a SINGLE EDITION print of my most ambitious piece to date!
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