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The 2nd to last piece in the SOUND series is inspired by music, geography, and the ocean. With the use of discarded record sleeves, the subject (an ear) is meant to resemble a (fictitious) island/archipelago on a very old map of a small area in the pacific ocean.


With my mindset being in Hawaii and pacific islands at the time while listening to music from those cultures, the title of the piece, ‘Pepeiao’ (the Hawaiian word for ear) was used. Using the record sleeves as my material was the only way in my mind to express this feeling.


Getting the right combination of adhesive to adhere the record sleeves to the used plastic stretched and gallery wrapped banner material, was the biggest challenge of this piece.



Used: Used plastic banner material, discarded record covers

Virgin: Pine wood, nails, wood glue, adhesive, staples, screws

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