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Kinzua Sky Bridge

Over 100 years old and, at one point, the longest and tallest railroad bridge in the world, the Kinzua Viaduct was knocked down in 2003 by a tornado. A structure once billed as “the Eighth Wonder of the World”... toppled in a blink of an eye.

Ironically enough, this happened during the bridge’s restoration, which was to involve replacement of its aging steel supports. Eleven of twenty pillars toppled to the ground during the storm.

By the time I discovered this place in 2012, the bridge had long since fallen, and the remaining pillars on the Kinzua Bridge State Park side had been reinforced and turned into an observation deck, with the downed pillars left on the valley floor.

Walking out to the observation deck, looking down into the valley, then across to the remaining pillars on the other side, I was in awe by what man can construct, and then left speechless by what mother nature can take away with very little effort.

Man is no match for Mother Nature.


Discarded: 2 Drum Heads

Virgin:  Black Acrylic Paint, White Gesso, Construction Adhesive, Signed with a sharpie on the back

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