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Freedom Vanishing

The 1st piece completed in the SOUND series is a disintegrating mosaic created from a white Totinos frozen pizza roll package that was destined for the trash at my moms house. The package was snagged from the counter before she could toss it away. Realizing that it had gone missing, she immediately turned to me if I had taken it (which I had), and inquired. I responded with a suspicious sounding 'no'…however… it was jammed into the pocket in my pants. The rest is history.

Freedom Vanishing is based upon an acoustic guitar, and while all of my pieces are in some way a self portrait, this one was purposely aimed as such.

Construction adhesive holds the white plastic to the black acrylic coated used plastic banner material. All of which has been stretched and gallery wrapped over a custom wood frame.

Adhering the tiny white nonporous plastic pieces to a similar plastic surface, was bar far the most challenging aspect of this piece at the time. It was also the first time i utilized used plastic banner material, instead of virgin canvas, for my surface.

Used & Discarded: Totinos plastic freezer bag, used plastic banner material, wood
Virgin: Construction adhesive, acrylic medium, black acrylic, wood, screws, wood glue, staples

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