GRAB ON for the #CLIFHangerChallenge!


The CLIF Hanger Challenge:
A multi-platform independently-fueled campaign to challenge companies who package their products in individually wrapped plastic materials by putting them in the hot seat! With the ultimate goal of forcing them to switch to 100% compostable packaging...RIGHT taking up the #CLIFHangerChallenge, and refusing to buy any of their products until they make this change!


The #CLIFHangerChallenge is specifically targeting energy/power/protein/snack bars, and directly pointing fingers at the CLIF Bar company. (But feel free to point your fingers at any additional companies and products...which is pretty much everyone!)


Why CLIF?!

They aggressively promote themselves as a “Do Good” company. However, their product is packaged in anything but something good;  plastic! And when compostable options are possible and available, they irresponsibly choose to pack their products -that fuel all their do-goodiness mind you- in materials that contaminate our surroundings, and take 1,000s of years to break down.  Does that sound like a good company to you???

Taking part in "The Challenge"

1. Use the hashtag #CLIFHangerChallenge, and create a representation of a 'Fake Extreme' cliff hanging scenario in any visual format; video, photograph, street art, pop art, art in general, a performance, meme, etc. Humor, in some format, is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!

Examples: laying on the ground in what appears to be you hanging off an extremely high cliff; hanging a foot or two off the ground in what appears as though you might be hundreds, if not thousands of feet up; or creating any scene in which ‘fake extreme cliff hanging’ is involved.                       

Why a 'Fake' scene, and not real? Two Reasons:

A. This challenge is not asking or telling anyone to put people or themselves in any sort of danger, or in harms way. The #CLIFHangerChallenge is trying to make a very big positive impact, and anything that is a REAL extreme situation, is counter productive and not effective.

B. As the CLIF company promotes itself as a "Do-Good" company, they are promoting a false representation of who they actually are, and what they do. The #CLIFHangerChallenge is taking that false representation of doing good, and turning it against them to force them to actually DO GOOD, by packing their products in 100% compostable packaging.

2. In whatever visual you might create, be clear about your intentions, the point of the #CLIFHangerChallenge, and how ANYONE can help by calling out the company via their own #CLIFHangerChallenge, and/or directly at the company. And by refusing to purchasing anything the CLIF company (and all the others) make, until they move to 100% compostable packing materials.


You can do this before, during, after, in the caption/description of your visual, or all of the above! Some things you could also put in your challenge to further hit home this message:

- needless waste of materials used in individually wrapped items

- needless waste of energy

- contamination of land, water, and indirectly air, from these packages

- negative impacts on all living creatures

- negative impacts on humans

- and the potentially disastrous future from human negligence


3. Make sure you are clear what YOU want to happen in your #CLIFHangerChallenge; ‘The packaging on all products to be 100% compostable’; and what you intend to do until this happens 'Refuse to purchase anything from CLIF, or any company who packs things in individually wrapped plastic packaging, and advocate for others to do the same.'


5. And lastly, at the very end of YOUR #CLIFHangerChallenge, challenge other individuals directly to take up the #CLIFHanger Challenge!

Compostable packaging does exist! And it should be used across the board RIGHT NOW!! The fact it's not, is stupid. Take positive action, GRAB ON and take the #CLIFHangerChallenge Today!!